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Berlin is one of the cities in Europe with some of the most exciting history to explore from the Nazi influence before and during the Second World War through the cold war era when Berlin was divided between east and west to the united capital of a united Germany.

The best way to explore the sites is one or more walking tours to uncover the history behind the sites. Visit two WWII air raid shelters that were converted to civil shelters during the Cold War and are still available for use today. Learn about the construction of the Berlin Wall and the underground stations that were not used and sealed during the cold war because they were in the eastern zone.

Berlin has always appeared in movies and television with the intrique of spies from the German SS of World War 2 to the USA CIA and English MI6 of the Cold War Era. Learn many facts about this era of history by taking the Nest of Spies' tour. More information available by following the links.